Special assemblies at St Nicholas College Rabat Primary School

This year has been one of a kind, marked with a pandemic that has caused the whole world to rethink teaching and learning. It has been a year full of challenges. At St Nicholas College Rabat Primary School all educators are doing their best to keep everything as normal as can be while taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, yet still ensuring a wonderful educational journey for students.

Special assemblies are held weekly. During these special assemblies students share and celebrate various themes. One of the special assemblies focused on discrimination: https://snc.rabat.skola.edu.mt/2020/11/diskriminazzjoni/.

Another was dedicated to our patron saint, St Nicholas, whose feast is celebrated on 6th December: https://snc.rabat.skola.edu.mt/2020/12/st-nicholas-day-special-assembly/.

Needless to say, a special assembly was dedicated to World Children’s Day. Students came to school wearing casual clothes and also donated €2 for L-Istrina 2020: https://snc.rabat.skola.edu.mt/2020/11/celebrating-world-childrens-day-2/.

Stay safe and may you have a wonderful scholastic year!

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