Aħbarijiet tal-Fondazzjoni

Sagħtar 385 – April 2024

It’s spring, probably the best time of the year for a picnic in the countryside [...]

Sagħtar 384 – March 2024

We are in the middle of the scholastic year and we are already in the [...]

Sagħtar 383 – February 2024

Here is the February issue of Sagħtar! Among the editions of the past years, this [...]

Sagħtar 382 – January 2024

We’ve just started another year and here is the first issue of Sagħtar in 2024, the [...]

Aħbarijiet għall-Iskejjel

Sagħtar in schools

It is our great pleasure that Sagħtar is slowly becoming as popular as it was [...]

The Young Researchers of the Gozo College Sannat Primary School and the Special Unit

An innovative teaching methodology to rekindle the spark of curiosity in students has been used [...]

Online conference on Fake News by Mater Boni Consilii School, St Joseph, Paola

On Friday 27th November 2020 an online conference on teaching our children how to recognise [...]

Virtual meeting with Trevor Zahra at San Andrea School

On 1 December 2020, Grade 8 students at San Andrea School were given the opportunity [...]