Fondazzjoni Sagħtar publishes “Sagħtarin”

Fondazzjoni Sagħtar is glad to announce a new project in its effort to come up with new initiatives to promote reading in Maltese: the publication of Sagħtarin. Sagħtarin is a workbook in Maltese, intended for students of the early years in primary schools, full of activities, games, fun, drawing and learning activities for the young ones. This is the first issue, with the aim of becoming a series.

Ms Elaine Germani, Chairperson of Fondazzjoni Sagħtar, said that “after the very good feedback we received following the publication of Sagħtar, we thought of creating a new publication aimed at younger children. That’s how we thought of Sagħtarin, which already existed for many years as part of Sagħtar, whereby it consisted of a number of pages in the middle of the magazine dedicated to younger children. That way we gave life back to something which many adults remember, and gave it a new identity and a brand new format.”

Sagħtarin is being sold as a printed copy for €5 and is also being offered for the reduced price of €4 per copy when ordering 10 or more copies together. This offer is ideal for schools and other groups. More information can be found on

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