The Young Researchers of the Gozo College Sannat Primary School and the Special Unit

An innovative teaching methodology to rekindle the spark of curiosity in students has been used for years by the Year 6 class at the Gozo College Sannat Primary and the Special Unit. The teacher has designed a website which helps the students assume the role of researchers, intent on carrying out secret research on themes related to history, geography and biodiversity. The teacher uploads the research study on the class website and the students are given the opportunity to present it to their peers in class.

This integrated approach to learning, based on the concept of emergent learning, has the potential of assimilating subjects like science, languages and digital literacy with curious, weird or mysterious topics related to history, geography and biodiversity. These projects appeal to students with different learning abilities and ethnic backgrounds and are given as recreational tasks and not as traditional homework. The fact that over 170 projects are uploaded on the website each year is a clear indication that this initiative bears fruit and is highly successful. The projects can be read on the website

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