“Sagħtar” is back!

Click HERE to access the newest edition of “Sagħtar”! (Just register and make sure you are logged in.)

It’s back, after a long wait! The first edition of “Sagħtar” issued by Fondazzjoni Sagħtar within the MUT (October 2020) has been uploaded on saghtar.org.mt. This time it will be a digital magazine, which can be read on a computer, mobile or tablet, and includes various informative, entertaining and interactive articles. So make sure you register for free on this site and encourage your family and friends to register as well, so you’d be able to see the new edition of “Sagħtar”. You can also find all past editions, together with audio files by different readers and sometimes read by the authors themselves! “Sagħtar” will be published monthly until May 2021.

We thank all contributors who make it possible to produce “Sagħtar” – authors, illustrators, members of the editorial board and other persons.
We also thank all educators who will be making use of it in class. We would like to receive your comments and suggestions as to how we can improve this educational and entertaining experience for students.

We hope you find “Sagħtar” interesting and enjoy reading this magazine, which is made for you, children. Enjoy!

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